Volumio has become an official partner of Nanomesher

We are pleased to announce that Volumio is now an official partner of Nanomesher. Volumio is an open source music player for audiophiles which enable Hi-Fi quality music on small single board computers like Raspberry Pi.

Michaelangelo Guarise (Founder & CEO of Volumio): “We are very excited about this partnership: Nanomesher is a breathe of fresh air into the Raspberry PI audio world, and their newly released NanoSound DAC together will Volumio will definitely be the next cool item for music lovers. NanoSound is unique since it integrates features that a lot of Volumio lovers have been asking: Oled display, Remote and Button controls, that’s what makes it so special: NanoSound and Volumio will surely be the ultimate ready-to-play and user friendly Audiophile Music player.”

Venchilli Leung (Founder & CEO of Nanomesher): “Nanomesher is committed to provide the best user experience while giving the most flexibilty for expert users . Volumio 2 plugin capabilty is a perfect example of how we can turn a DIY product into a consumer friendly product. Nanomesher and Volumio, in partnership, will be developing plug and play Volumio plugins for Nanosound which greatly simplify the installation process. Installation of Nanosound products will become a few clicks in Volumio.”