Building a Raspberry Pi CD Player for free

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Step 1: Go to volumio get started page and download the image for Raspberry Pi –

Step 2: Unzip the downloaded image file. Using tools such as Etcher or Win32Imager, flash the img file onto an microsd card,

Step 3: Put the microsd into your Raspberry Pi

Step 4: Boot your Raspberry Pi and plug your USB CD/DVD drive into the Pi

Step 5: Set up your Raspberry Pi to join your network. Refer to this video for detail

Step 6: After your are connected to your own network, go to Plug-in , under Search plug-ins , go to Music Service and install NanoSound CD plugin

Step 7: Go to Plug-in, Installed plug-in, under NanoSound CD plugin, click Settings

Step 8: Click “Auto reconfig audio”

Step 9: Reboot the system by Shutdown -> Restart