Introducing Nanosound AMP^2

Further to our partnership announcement with Volumio, we have more great news for you again:

  • We have developed an Amp add-on which attach to the bottom NanoSound DAC. The new amp add-on board for NanoSound DAC (Pro or Basic), NanoSound Amp^2(Pronounced as “Amp Square”), include both a headphone amplifier as well as a very efficient 5W speaker amplifier. It runs very cool due to its up to 90% efficiency allowing the whole unit (Raspberry Pi + NanoSound DAC + NanoSound MiniAmps) to be powered by one single microUSB cable (or individually if you choose to). It’s surprisingly loud and is enough to power a large room or a small lounge as demonstrated.
  • Another unique feature is that Amp^2 can be turned on/off via software onboard button.
Turn Amp^2 On/Off via buttons
Turn Amp^2 On/Off via buttons


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