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"The Raspberry Pi has been out for six years and three months and we can finally say that the perfect on/off switch add-on for it has now been created." - Rob Zwetsloot , Features Editor, MagPi Issue 70

Previously named Raspberry Pi Switch HAT during the successful Kickstarter Campaign , this is a huge improvements over our Hackable Pi Switch with Kodi support, optional display, LED, Infrared control and i2c ports.

Hackable Pi Switch Cap Features

Original Features:

  • Fully assembled ready to use
  • Single button or Infrared (IR) remote On / Off operation
  • Gracefully turn off Pi by triggering system shutdown, wait for system to be fully halted and cuts power
  • Onboard Attiny85 Microprocessor can be removed and reprogrammed if needed
  • Open Source for both Attiny software and Shutdown Script , which means you can adopt other remote controls.
  • Raspberry Pi is not Included

New Features for Pi Switch Cap:

  • Confirmed to work with latest Pi 3 B+ as well as older Raspberry Pis
  • Directly plug onto the Pi. No jumper cable needed
  • Infrared Remote signals of all buttons can be read from Pi. It's LIRC compatible which means you can adopt other remote controls.
  • Kodi Control support!
  • 1 x LED controllable via GPIO
  • 3 x i2c ports
  • Optional 0.96" OLED Display (Resolution 128x64)
  • Optional highly precised SENSIRION SHT31 temperature/humidity and BOSCH BMP180 pressure sensors (Weather Pack)
  • Works with all Raspberry Pi with 40pin GPIO connector including Pi 3B, Pi 3B+ and Pi 4 and many more
  • Choice between generic and multimedia Infrared Remote. Can also be purchased separately.
Generic Remote Multimedia Remote (Kodi Supported)

Build your own weather station in minutes with optional display and weather sensors

Optional Display & Weather Pack turns your Pi into a Weather Station in minutes

Kodi Demo Video

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