It’s here – NanoSound DAC 2

Latest Update: NanoSound DAC 2 is now in store !

18 months since the original launch of NanoSound DAC, we are pleased to announce our next generation DAC.  NanoSound DAC 2 features many improvements as listed below.

NanoSound DAC2 – Sound Quality Improvements

  • 2 x ultra accurate crystal acting as master clock for lower jitter and better playback performance
  • Improved and wider sound signal paths
  • Critical electronics component uses top audio grade capacitors by ELNA, WIMA, EVOX instead of much smaller and cheaper surface mount counterparts

NanoSound DAC2 – Convenience Improvements

  •  Digital knob style volume control for maximum accuracy
  •  Reusable accessories such as NanoSound Amp^2
  • Choice of 1.5″ OLED Colour Display to display album artwork
  • Dual power input is now auto-switching instead of using a manual toggle switch
  • Accessories such as Amp^2 and NanoSound CD are reusable on DAC2