Update on NanoSound Volumio Plug-in V2

Update (2/2/2018) – We have a new campaign for NanoSound Volumio Plug-in v2

We are seeking funding via Kickstarter to expand our product range including NanoSound Digital (SPDIF coaxial and Toslink) and more importantly, to fund the development of NanoSound volumio plug-in v2  

What is NanoSound volumio plug-in v2?  

It includes a lots of extra handy features to allow you to run your NanoSound “standalone” without using web or Volumio app. It makes your NanoSound a lot more portable. They include these extras:

  • On screen menu item selection to play from NAS, USB, Internal Memory, Playlist
  • Toggle Repeat and Shuffle of current Queue
  • Over-The-Air update
On Screen Menu
On Screen Menu

Can existing NanoSound DAC run NanoSound volumio plugin v2? 

Yes, of course.

How can backers of NanoSound DAC help?

Back our “NanoSound Volumio plug-in v2” (around $15 USD) reward in our campaign (or any other rewards)

What’s the timeline if successfully funded? 

We are targeting Early access in December before Xmas (you can play test / play with it during your holiday), releasing sometime in Jan 2018.

What if the Kickstarter campaign target is not reached? 

We will continue to try to fund the development via sales of NanoSound DAC, but it will take longer to finish the development of NanoSound Volumio plugin v2.

If I dont back it, will I still get NanoSound volumio plugin v2 ? 

Yes, it will be offered for free and open source, but we need your help to achieve it faster!

So why do I have to back it if I will be getting it for free anyway? 

If you are a backer, you will be getting the Early access version and help us achieve the target faster.

More importantly, we are a small startup company and really hope you that appreciate our work and determination to deliver our products well and on time.

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