The Perfect On/Off Switch Addon for Pi

Rated 5 out of 5 by MagPi, this is the perfect On/Off Switch Add on Board for Raspberry Pi.

It is now available in Nanomesher store after a highly successful kickstarter campaign.

Hackable Pi Switch Cap Features

Original Features:

  • Fully assembled ready to use
  • Single button or Infrared (IR) remote On / Off operation
  • Gracefully turn off Pi by triggering system shutdown, wait for system to be fully halted and cuts power
  • Onboard Attiny85 Microprocessor can be removed and reprogrammed if needed
  • Open Source for both Attiny software and Shutdown Script , which means you can adopt other remote controls.
  • Raspberry Pi is not Included

New Features for Pi Switch Cap:

  • Confirmed to work with latest Pi 3 B+ as well as older Raspberry Pis
  • Directly plug onto the Pi. No jumper cable needed
  • Infrared Remote signals of all buttons can be read from Pi. It’s LIRC compatible which means you can adopt other remote controls.
  • Kodi & Volumio Control support!
  • 1 x LED controllable via GPIO
  • 3 x i2c ports
  • Optional 0.96″ OLED Display (Resolution 128×64)
  • Optional highly precised SENSIRION SHT31 temperature/humidity and BOSCH BMP180 pressure sensors (Weather Pack)
  • Optional 3D Printed Case
  • Choice between generic and multimedia Infrared Remote. Can also be purchased separately.

Demo Videos: