Nanosound CD Upsampling Playback / Extraction plug-in for volumio - Full Version

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** IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN USING volumio version 2.882 - 2.9xx **

NanoSound CD is an Upsampling CD Player, Lossless Audio Extractor software on Raspberry pi or Tinkerboard

** Nanosound CD currently only works with volumio 2.x **

This full version supports CD upsampling playback and bit perfect audio extraction. To register your full version, simply enter your email address and order number you used to purchase in the plugin settings page. Upon purchase, you will receive an instruction to download and install the plugin.

DAC, Headphone and External CD/DVD drive sold separately.

Feature Limited free Version is available


  • Works with any Audio DAC or internal sound device supported by volumio
  • Works and tested with Raspberry Pi and x86 (Other platforms upon request)
  • CD Playback with up to 4x upsampling (44.1 to 176.4khz)
  • Choice of 4x, 2x and no upsampling for improved audio quality
  • Lossless WAV or FLAC audio extraction with AccurateRip support to ensure extracted files are bit perfect!
  • Auto download and tagging of album info and album cover
  • *NEW* - Save album and artist into extracted folder names

  • Multi-language support (English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese)
  • Save to Internal, or NAS or USB drive
  • Fully integrated with Volumio 2.x


  • Raspberry Pi (Model 3 B or above is recommended for upsampling) or any x86 system running volumio 2.x
  • USB CD / DVD External Drive. We recommend this Pioneer External DVD writer
  • Works with any audio DAC supported by Volumio. Naturally we recommend the new NanoSound DAC 2

Free vs Full Version differences:

NanoSound CD - Free NanoSound CD - Full
CD Playback Yes Yes
Works with any DAC Yes Yes
Auto fetch CD meta data Yes Yes
Album cover display Yes Yes
Fully integrated with Volumio Yes Yes
Upsampling Playback No Yes - 44.1khz , 88.2khz , 176.4khz
Lossless CD Extraction No Yes - wav or flac

Optionally, you can also purchase an external USB CD/DVD drive. We recommend these:

Playback Demo:

Mobile / Web controls:

Comprehensive settings:

One click auto extraction and tagging:

Ease of use (Any DAC can be used, below is example usage combining with NanoSound DAC):

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