Nanomesher Raspberry Pi Power Switch with Remote Control & Programmer

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This is the Hackable Raspberry PI Power switch which has been successfully funded in Kickstarter in April 2017.

Hackable Raspberry Pi Power switch which was successfully funded at Kickstarter in April 2017. This neat little board from Nanomesher adds a programmable power switch to your Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2/3/Zero/Zero W, which can be controlled by a single button or IR remote! The Hackable Raspberry Pi Switch features an on board removable Attiny85 Arduino Development MCU, which means the switch is both Smart and Hackable!

Package (Switch + Programmer) Include:

  • Hackable and Smart Pi Power Switch with removable Attiny85 microcontroller
  • Jumper cables to Pi
  • High Quality MicroUSB cable (20cm)
  • Infrared remote control
  • Attiny Microcontroller Programmer Kit including Arduino Uno
    • Arduino compatible Uno R3
    • Connecting cables
    • Mini breadboard

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