NanoSound CD – Hi-Def Network CD Player & Audio Extractor

NanoSound CD is almost 200% funded in Kickstarter

What is NanoSound CD?

NanoSound CD is a Audiophile Quality Upsampling CD Player which enhances the sound quality of CD by upsampling the digital audio signal from 44.1khz to 176.4khz using sinc mathematical algorithm.  Audio is playback via the built-in high quality Audio DAC (Digital Analog Converter) with SNR (Signal-to-noise ratio) of 112dB.

NanoSound CD is also a lossless audio extractor which allows you to extract audio files including FLAC , Apple Lossless (m4a), wav which a single touch of button.  It also helps you to organise your file by automatically tagging your files with album , artist and song names.

Moreover, NanoSound CD is a network audio player which play all kinds of audio files and support Spotify, Airplay, DLNA.  The detachable CD drive design allows you to save precious space when CD is not in use.

Firmware is upgradable which means you will get regular updates on the latest features.

To install, visit here