Nanosound Plug-in V1.5 for Volumio

We are pleased to announce the new Nanosound Plug-in V1.5.1 for Volumio.

It contains below improvement

  • Rewind / Fast Forward using remote control
  • Prev / Next Playlist using remote control

As usual, to install:

  • Uninstall the previous NanoSound Plug in
  • Install “NanoSound By Nanomesher” plug in again

We hope that you like this update. Feel free to discuss about any issues or suggestions in our new forum.


3 comments on “Nanosound Plug-in V1.5 for Volumio

  1. Hi,

    Thank you, but Volumio still only offers to install the version from 22.1.2018.
    The is no version info available under “Details”.

    Where can i get the plugin – as long as Michelangelo doesn’t update ?

    – Josef

    1. Thank you,

      interesting. So i will ignore the shown date 22.1.2018 – quite confusing.
      Is it possible you integrate the current version in the “Details” Button ?


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