NanoSound DAC / DAC2 / Player / Player 2 troubleshooting FAQ

How do I install the system?

Audio works, but there is no display

  • Check if NanoSound Plug-in is installed
  • Check if NanoSound configuration is correct for your display (1.3″ OLED or 1.5 Colour OLED)
  • More detail can be found here

I am using a tall configuration, display or audio is not working

  • It’s likely a contact issue. Make sure the GPIO header extender is tight and secured
  • Remove the GPIO header extender between the Raspberry Pi and NanoSound DAC and retry
  • If that works, try rotate it 180 degress and installl again and make sure the DAC and Pi are in parallel

I hear a cracking noise when using DAC2 and Raspberry Pi 4

  • It occurs for some batches of Pi 4, the reason is yet to be known.
  • A fix would be to use DAC 2 as slave mode
sudo nano /boot/config.txt

change from




The power switch does not seemed to work

  • Make sure the power adaptor is connected to the corner of the DAC, not to the Raspberry Pi
  • Make sure the power adaptor is 5V.  Ampere rating should be 2.5A or above
  • If it does not switch off , make sure there is no device connected which might power the Pi