Adapting your own Infrared Remote with NanoSound

With latest version of NanoSound v1.8 plugin, you can now adapt your own infrared remote to use with NanoSound DAC / DAC 2:


  • NanoSound DAC / DAC 2 system setup
  • Your own Infrared control
  • Some linux skills such as putty and using linux editors such as nano

Here are the steps:

  • Install the latest NanoSound v1.8. Follow Method 3 in here
  • ssh to your volumio
  • Download and run this code. This code is used for displaying the key codes for your Infrared remote
  • cd /home/volumio
    git clone
    cd Nanomesher_ProdBoard

  • Using your remote, point towards your NanoSound and press each button one of one.  For each button , press twice and mark down the keycode if both press yield the same code.  Assignable buttons are as below and you dont have to assign them all:
    • mute
    • prev track
    • next track
    • toggle play / pause
    • volume up
    • volume down
    • next playlist
    • prev playlist
    • random
    • repeat
    • stop
  • After noting the key codes, modify in /home/volumio/nanosound_oled
  • The code should be self explainary.  The lines to change are from line 197 onwards.
  • Restart NanoSound plugin.  Hopefully all should be working