Volumio Guide

This is an overview to demonstrate the set up and common functionality of Volumio, the audiophile audio player with Raspberry Pi.

Before you use this guide make sure you have a high quality DAC such as NanoSound to enjoy the great audio quality.

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1. Connect to Wifi

This example uses iPhone.  Setup using a computer or Android phone will be similar.

  • When starting up for the first time, a wifi access point called “volumio” will be available.  Connect to it with password “volumio2“. After connected to “volumio” wifi, below page will be shown.  Close the wizard because NanoSound is already pre-configured. You can change the language later.

  • Go to Network Settings

  • Configure Volumio to connect to your own wifi Scroll down until you see your own wifi access point.

  • Connect your phone / computer back to your own wifi.  Use http://volumio.local to login to your volumio device

Video Tutorial

2. Accessing Volumio device

3. Copy music files to Internal Storage

After connecting Volumio to network, you can then access the storage directly from your computer.

  • With Windows
    • using file explorer, go to \\volumio.local
  • With macOS
    • using Finder > Connect to Server, enter server address smb://volumio.local , connect as Guest and mount “Internal Storage”
  • Go to Internal Storage, this is the micro sdcard on the Raspberry Pi

  • Copy your music files into Internal Storage

Video Tutorial

4. Playback music files

  • Using App or Browser (http://volumio.local)
  • Go to Browse, select Media Library / Artists / Album and choose the songs you like to play

5. Spotify Plug-in Setup and Usage

  • Using browser, go to http://volumio.local go to plug in settings.  Go to “Search Plugins” and install the Spotify

  • Under “Installed Plugins”, enable the Spotify plug in and choose Settings and enter your Spotify username or password. If you used facebook as your spotify login, you need to create your spotify login and password.

  • If setup is successful, you will see a Spotify icon in playback.

  • You can then search with Spotify or use your playlists.


Video Tutorial

6. Playing Free Internet Radio

7. Using Airplay

  • Using Airplay is extremely easy with Volumio, make sure you your Volumio device and ios are on the same Wifi network, then choose “Volumio” and airplay device


8. Spotify Connect

See this blog

9. Using NanoSound DAC

NanoSound DAC offers the best convenience for Volumio as it includes high quality Hi-Fi DAC , remote control, buttons, OLED display, power switch – all in one neat package.   For detail , please refer to our support section

10. NanoSound Remote Control Function

As of NanoSound Plug-in for Volumio v1.5, below functions are supported by the remote contol