*NEW* NanoSound Archiver - Auto CD Extractor & Player


*NEW* NanoSound Archiver - Auto CD Extractor & Player NANOSOUNDCDAR

** Include NanoSound CD Full Verion **

You have hundreds of CD which are sitting there waiting to be digitalised. Dedicated CD ripper are expensive , reusing a PC takes up space and use more electricity than needed.

When building this project, we have one mission is mind:

  • To build a fully automatic and bit perfect CD ripper which output to various lossless format which can also act as a network audio streamer

Moreover, the project needs to be easy to build and low cost and allows the customer purchase only what are needed - to bring their own Pi and USB CD/DVD drive for many component reuse.

If you already have a Raspberry Pi, USB CD / DVD and Sd card, It will only cost USD40 in total (plus shipping)


Installation Guide: http://nanomesher.com/cdarchiver

NanoSound Archiver Controller Board - Provide infrared receiver, power control and display

Infrared Remote - Control music playback like a hifi system

Optional Items:

Raspberry Pi - World's most popular credit card sized computer, provide the CPU power and control function.

Case - in Matt black

NanoSound USB - Upgrade sound quality with our USB DAC (up to 24bit 96khz)

DVD Drive - We recommend thispioneer model. . It's quiet and can be powered only via Raspberry Pi

Features & Specs


  • Wifi & Wired Ethernet Network
  • Play everything - CD, MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, ALAC, DSD and many more
  • CD upsampling and extraction via improved version of NanoSound CD volumio plugin
  • Streams Spotify, Airplay, DLNA, Youtube, Free Web Radio, Tidal* & Qobuz*.
  • Play from Internal Storage, NAS and USB Flash
  • Control via Volumio App or Infrared Remote Control
  • OLED display with multi-language support
  • NAS function allows you to use as network drive
  • 3.5mm headphone jack out
  • Upgradeable to NanoSound USB DAC for audiophile level HiFi Audio

* - Requires subscription

CD Extraction

  • Bit Perfect Audio Extraction (FLAC / Wav / Apple lossless) – Verified with AccurateRip™
  • One Touch or Automatic CD Extraction
  • Automatic CD info tagging and indexing for playback (Album name, Artist, Song names)
  • Save to USB Storage , Internal Storage or Shared Drive
  • Ripped files accessible via shared drive

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NanoSound USB DAC

In stock

No Case (0)
Case for Raspberry Pi 3 B / B+ (29.99)
Case for Raspberry Pi 4 (29.99)
DVD Drive

Not Included (0)
Pioneer External DVD writer (DVR-XU01C) (47.99)
NanoSound USB DAC

Not Included (0)
NanoSound USB DAC (Save US$6) (49.99)

*NEW* NanoSound Archiver - Auto CD Extractor & Player
*NEW* NanoSound Archiver - Auto CD Extractor & Player


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