ProdBoard - All-in-one Utility Add-on Board for Raspberry Pi

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Successfully funded and delivered on Kickstarter.

Current temperarily out of stock but you may preorder. More stocks coming in Feb 2020

This Raspberry Pi Productivity Board in short, ProdBoard, contains essential utilities hardware which helps you with your raspberry pi projects. With most projects, you need input and outputs, ProdBoard combines all of below features with sample codes to aid you with your Raspberry Pi projects development.

You can even upgrade to an Pi air monitor by adding these sensors.

Full Product Details


  • Pi Power Switch (Turn on and gracefully shutdown your Pi - Same design as our Pi Switch !)
  • 1.3" High Contrast OLED display (128 x 96 resolution)
  • 6 x GPIO Buttons
  • 2 x onboard LED
  • 3 x i2C Ports for connecting to sensors such as temperature, humidity and pressure sensors
  • Infrared Receiver with Remote Control included (LIRC compatible)
  • Infrared Blaster (LIRC compatible)
  • 8 Channel Dip switch to optionally turn off any buttons and LEDs, so the GPIO pins can be spared
  • Reusable Raspberry Pi 40pin GPIO Pinout
  • Sample Source code
  • ProdBoard with removable IR Blaster
  • Infrared Remote Control


  • Multimedia button caps
  • Multimedia Remote Control


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