NanoSound software support for Kodi

Method 1 – Using Pre-configured OSMC image

  • Download from here
  • Find a computer with a SD card drive
  • Use software such as win32diskimager , extract and write the image downloaded onto an MicroSD card
  • Plug the MicroSD card into the pi and boot up

Method 2 – Config it Manually using OSMC as example

  • Install git and download software from here
    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get install git
    • cd ~
    • git clone
  • Enable i2c support
    • add below  to /etc/modules
    • add below to /boot/config.txt
  • Infrared Remote & DAC hardware Setup
    • Set up the lircd.conf and create symbolic link
      • sudo cp ~/Nanomesher_NanoSound/nanosound_lirc/lircd.conf /etc/lirc/nanomesher-lirc.conf
      • sudo ln -sf /etc/lirc/nanomesher-lirc.conf /etc/lirc/lircd.conf
    • Under “My OSMC” -> Settings -> Hardware Support:
      • Enable LIRC GPIO Support
      • Set the gpio_out_pin , gpio_in_pin as below
      • Set Soundcard Overlay to “hifiberry-dacplus-overlay”

  • Audio Set up
    • In Kodi -> Settings -> System Settings, under Audio output device, choose “ALSA: Default (snd_rpi_hifiberry_dacplus Analog)”

  • OLED Display Support
      • cd ~/Nanomesher_NanoSound/nanosound_kodi
      • chmod +x
      • ./



    Release Notes 2018-02-27:


    • All the Infrared Remote Buttons should work
    • Audio support using HifiBerry DAC+ Driver
    • Alpha v0.1 release of OLED display software –
      • Display of IP address during start up
      • Display artist / title / label
      • Hold bottom right button to show ip / short press to toggle amp on off (if installed)

    To dos:

    • Easier installation
    • Media Control Buttons support