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Hackable Raspberry Pi Switch with Allo Boss Dac 12 and Allo Relay Attenuator



It looks like there's some GPIO conflicts between the Hackable Switch and the Allo Relay Attenuator.

The Boss doesn't seem to use any of the same pins but the Relay Attenuator does, I believe. See the Relay Attenuator Pin Out details on pages 4 & 5 of the pdf.

How can I work around that? I've already gone to the trouble of soldering wires to the bottom of the Pi to the recommended pins before I realized there was a conflict (I'm a beginner at Pi audio so it's not all clear to me yet) but I suppose I can undo if need be.




Chris McNeil

Uploaded files:

Hi Chris,

As long as GPIO14 is configured as serial it should work.

GPIO04 (pin 07) can change to another GPIO if it clashes. Simply change the number in line 23 of