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I2S reclocker for DAC


I have just order DAC (before DAC 2 sale on web), can I reclock for DAC by Kali relocker from Allo?


I have just check GPIO Kali reclock and Nanosound DAC, Nanosound DAC not use MCLK from RPI, so kinds help how to connect (modify) MCLK to DAC?


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Hi, this is not officially supported and we have not tested it.

But you can try solder the MCLK to the location as which says CC6.  That connects the master clock signal of PCM5122. Please let us know if that works or not. thanks



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Thanks for your support,

DAC can work with Kali when manual connect 3,3v from Pi to DAC (pin 1 on Raspberry), power supply 5v for DAC only(don't need connect to Kali), I still not try manual connect MCLK.