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Weather station and sqlite3

I have run through set up instructions twice for the weather station from your recent Kickstarter campaign and I am having same issue each time. When testing to see how data is being recorded in sqlite3 I see that no data points are being recorded and my readings are not being uploaded to iOS.adafruit account either.


Any help you you can provide is appreciated



Can you please check the log file written on the same folder?

Are there anything shown on the screen?

The instructions has been tested, but if you are in a hurry , you might want to use the image method.

Thank you for the quick response. I did use the image from the link you provided. I can try to reformat the sd card and reload it if required.

I am not experienced with getting the log file, can you provide the command I need to type to access the log file?

Edit:  I reinstalled the image to begin with and was up to get the log to come up with select * from WeatherData within SQLite3.   In the nano AirMonitor.config I had to change pass to AIO from "no" to "yes".


Thanks it all appears to be working.


My next question is how to get the readings for temp to Fahrenheit from Celsius and the pressure to inches from hpa?



@shepperd23  , glad it worked!

To make the conversation,  edit /home/pi/Nanomesher_ProdBoard/WeatherExample/

After line 147 , add the conversation code

degrees = sensor.read_temperature()

degreesF = 9.0/5.0 * degrees + 32

humidity = sensor.read_humidity()

temp = '{0:0.3f}F'.format(degreesF)

humid = '{0:0.2f} %'.format(humidity)

preshpa = sensorBMP.read_pressure() * 0.0145037738

pressure = '{0:0.2f} psi'.format(preshpa /100.0)