Update – Wireless HMI Production

We have 2 exciting new to announce!

1. Manufacturing of 3.2″ and 2.4″ HMI development boards of our Wireless Human Machine Interface are completed.  It is currently undergoing testing and we should be ready to ship in about 2-3 weeks.  We should be able to launch these products on our Online Store in 2 weeks time.

3.2" HMI development board
3.2″ HMI development board


Nextion displays has just arrived!
Nextion displays has just arrived!

2.  We have a just launched a new kickstarter project which you will be interested – “IOT Development and Sensors Kit using esp8266 with Arduino” which include a lot of useful sensors to use with the HMI dev board.  It also include a professionally edited guide book (electronic format) , which include all the circuits. All code are downloadable.

There are 2 upgrade kits which are intended for previous backers of the Wireless HMI on Kickstarter.

– Upgrade Kit from HMI Weather Pack

– Upgrade Kit from HMI

The campaign will go on for 45 days. We hope to have your support again!!!