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As part of the rewards delivery, we will be offering 10% off and free delivery * for add-on items in Nanomesher store

Your rewards will be shipped together with your Add-on items if any. 

Please use the same email as you used for kickstarter when you shop and use the discount code "THXCDBACKER" when you check out.


Add-On Item Suggestions

Hackable Raspberry Pi Switch Cap

Nanosound Amp^2 Headphone & Speaker Amp

Air Quality Sensor

Programmer for Pi Switch

3D Printed Case for Pi Switch Cap

Have a spare Pi or need more project ideas? 

IOT Weather Kit for Pi

Pi Retropie Gaming

Pi Display

ProdBoard - All-in-one Board

Arduino IOT Kit

Rewards Delivery

For your kickstarter rewards delivery, please fill in your delivery details using this form.  Please use the same email address as you used in kickstarter for record matching.  Your rewards will be shipped together with your add-on items from Nanomesher Store.

* Terms & Conditions:

  • Free shipping for all items except NanoSound Speaker 3
  • Free shipping available to all rewards except "Nanosound CD software"