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Which buttons on the remote control actually do something and can you configure the rest?

I just got a DAC2s this week and have been testing it out but I can't find an instruction manual for the remote control anywhere.

Only a few of the buttons seem to do anything;

Power, mute, play/pause, volume up and down work as expected.

ffwd seems to skip to next track instead of the next track button

rewind sometimes goes to the previous track, sometimes back to the start, sometimes does nothing at all though that seems to be an issue in the web interface and on the unit's physical button too so is probably a Volumio issue/bug/feature.

None of the remaining buttons do anything at all.  I assumed it was fully functional just from the look of it and also wrongly assumed that I'd be able to navigate Volumio on the little screen instead of using a phone or tablet.  To be fair, it doesn't say it does that, but it shows a fully featured remote and doesn't say it doesn't do these things - how practical the little screen would be in practice now I have it is debateable but had I known up front I might not have ordered the pro and gone with an external touchscreen instead.

So, from where I am, what are the control options - can I assign individual remaining buttons to a certain playlist for instance?  That would probably cover 90% of my interaction with the remaining 10% on a tablet or such maybe.

Thanks 🙂

Hi Buzzark,

Section 10 of here describes the funtions:

You can certainly assigned the other buttons to achieve what you need, the code is open sourced and this is the main code which performs the Infrared functions:

Are you a python programmer by any chance? Or we can see what we can do to achieve 90% of what you need?