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Volumio 3 + NanoSound DAC Plugin

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I know this is a bit early, but today I upgraded my Volumio to version 3.163

(I have been on an old v2 system for ages because each upgrade was breaking something)

Now, with Volumio 3 I need a MyVolumio account (free) to access the plugins, but I don't see a NanoSound DAC plugin available.

Is a plug-in planned? If so, is there a date I should wait till?

I realise that Volumio3 isn't "officially" released (according to their own website), so maybe I'm just too early, but if there is no plan for an updated plugin, then I'll just have to go back to the old version.

(Luckily I made a full backup of my SD card!)


Yes , We are planning to work on Volumio 3 in the coming weeks.

Thanks for your message!

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I just upgrade to volumio 3 yesterday.  It don't work with nanosound, the sound volume, display both not work.

Looking forward the official version from nanosound.

When will you think it can be ready ?



Hoping for some time in Jan/Feb 2022. thanks

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Probably worth adding that if anyone has upgraded to Volumio3, Nanomesher has a Volumio v2 version with the plugin already installed on the support page:

NanoSound DAC / DAC 2 software support for Volumio

I've just restored my SD card backup and will wait for Volumio to stablise before upgrading...



Any update ? Any beta we can test?

Quote from orion on January 8, 2022, 2:53 pm

Any update ? Any beta we can test?

We did managed to resolve a major dependency issue. and  we are looking at a few weeks , we need to rewrite it from python 2.7 to python 3.x.. it's not so simple...

thanks for the patience


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Nice....two ~200 USD devices here and no updates since 3 months.

I am a bit disappointed....


To be fair, they did say

Quote from nanomesher on December 11, 2021, 11:05 am

Hoping for some time in Jan/Feb 2022. thanks

... it is still February... just 😉


IMHO, I'm happy with my purchase for the last few years.

I've stuck with Volumio2 for now because my music is more important to me than a Volumio upgrade. Again, Volumio still appears to have some issues, so personally, I am considering Volumio3 to be in "Beta" and will wait until the DAC plugin is ready and then, still wait for the 1st update 🙂


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