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Using Moode with Nanosound

Has anyone tried Moode with the Nanosound box?  Kodi has crossfade, Volumio does not.  Just using this box for audio, and Kodi's playlist management leaves a lot to be desired.

Of course I'd want the DAC and the remote and the boxtop buttons to work.

Works, by the way.  Set the DAC to Hifiberry dac plus in Moode, have sound from the nansound dac.

Now to see about the LCD, remote, and boxtop buttons.

Hello, thanks for sharing your experience with Moode!

Are you aware of any apis which can tap into control / display?  We can take a look into how easy / hard to implement the display & controls.

Just did a quick google and found this -

It mentioned about an api but cant find any yet.

it has an LCD trigger in config that i can switch on.  I also could not find API docs.

for LCD they say:

(1) LCD Update Engine

This feature provides an inotifywait based engine that runs a user specified Python script whenever Moode UI changes. The script simply needs to parse the file /var/local/www/currentsong.txt [edited to insert local per forum] to obtain the information below, then update the LCD panel.

- artist

- album

- title

- coverart url

- track x of y

- date

- composer

- encoded: (ex: 16/44.1)

- volume

- mute


Thanks, hooking up to the NanoSound display should not be difficult then.

How is your experience with Moode in general?  We can consider porting the buttons and infrared controls, but first we need to make sure there is a working api.

Thanks.  It is beyond my skills to write the script Moode will call.  That script needs to parse a file and update the oled.  If you all decide to make one, that would be great.

Moode has crossfade, which we needed for our use.  It works great with the nanosound so far.

In general, it has been slightly nerdy in setup, but once running the configurations seem powerful and intuitive. Playlists are pretty easy to set up and then show up where you'd expect.  I like it.

A tip for anyone who tries Moode- if you attach an hdmi screen to monitor install, you'll watch all the scripts run. Once Moode is installed, it will turn off the local hdmi and expect you to view it with a browser.  Using the browser you can go to config and easily turn local display back on.


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We can consider building for Moode if we figure out a way to control.

According to here, using mpc should work.

Can you please test is mpc commands works with controller volume / pause / play / next / prev?

Command reference:





The controller power button works.  No other buttons work on the handheld remote or on the nanosound box.

Hi there,

I know we are supposed to parse info from currentsong.txt in Moode, but that is above me.  Got to draw stuff on the lcd but not refresh when a song changed.

def GetCurrent():

cmd= "mpc current"    (# this just works out of the box)

p = Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=PIPE)

output = p.communicate()[0]

return output [:-1]

I can show the song on the spash screen in :

draw.text ((1, 36), GetCurrent()., font=font1, fill="white")


I'd be happy with a simple python script that just draws that , waits a bit, and does that again, and gets interrupted for shutdown.  I just don't know how to make that.


We suggest 2 ways to refresh regularly.

1)  add a while(true)  loop with a time.sleep in each loop

2)  use a scheduler -

Hope this helps!