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Turn off LCD after n minutes idle

Hey folks.

I got my NanoSound DAC Pro and now I'm wondering, is there any option to turn off LCD after several minutes of no activity. I mean, I'm kind of ok to have my Volumio always on, but I'm not listening to it for the whole day. When nothing is played, it's LCD is always on and showing same picture pixel by pixel. I'm just afraid that pixels would burn out if I'll use it this way long enough.

So, is there any option to turn off screen or maybe draw a "screen saver" for idle Volumio? Maybe you would add this feature to newer version of plugin?

So, I have edited the LCD daemon a little bit. I have changed it's layout and added auto turn off on no activity (aprox. 5 minutes). LCD stays active while playing, but turns off on stop or pause. Unfortunatelly time intervals aren't very accurate (most noticable in elapsed timer).

If any, you might find the edited version here. Note that I also added 2 fonts (DejaVuSansMono)

Uploaded files:
  • DSC_0052.jpg

This is really great!! The beauty of open source community.  We will look into incorporating a few features from there in the official version.

Thanks very much for your effort again.

We have released an official version for this support.

Details are here: