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(resolved) Something is wrong on my Weather Station My IOT Dev is not sending data to Adafruit

Hello Creators and everyone!

Something is wrong on my Weather Station

I tried several times to send my information through Adafruit cloud at no avail. I bought the Weather station at Kickstarter. From my best knowledge I only need to replace the AIO key with my own. I downloaded the last img file from your site and checked every single dependency and theoretically I'm good to go. Adafruit and my RPi 3 are on the same network and so on.

My OLED screen is Ok, my daa is showing and so on.

I understood from the previous thread that you spotted an error .

The fix is done in here:  , only WeatherExample/ has been changed.

from the topic:

"IOadafruit don't display pres-loc1 graph"

Problem is that my set doesn't display none of the *-loc1" no action on  .

So I kindly request that you deliver a new "*.zip" or "*.img" with the last modifications since the one in the site is dated from October 2018.

I don't post any files as my current status is well defined

1, The RPi3 works great, checked the logs, no errors and frills.

2. In spite of creating the "*-loc1" files, imported the AIO key and so on nothing flows  from IOT Weather Station to Adafruit.

As a last try I'll try to create myself using Method 2 starting from the last Stretch Lite and try to have it funcional.

Meanwhile . I think that a new image would be easier for an "one step" solution.


We have updated the latest pre-installed image in

To upload to adafruit IO, please make sure SendToAIO = yes and the AIOKey are set in AirMonitor.config

Hope it helps.

That did the trick, thanks!


Uploaded files:
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