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Path of Exile 3.18 Currency Discount at

The latest update to Grinding Gear Games' Path of Exile is out now, and it's pretty good. Patch 3.17.4 introduces a beta version of the new DirectX 12 renderer and also implements controller improvements. We can change the renderer of Path of Exile to DirectX 12 or Vulkan in the graphics options. Early reports suggest that this version makes the game feel smoother with less stutter than before. This will improve our game experience, it seems that I need to prepare some POE PC Currency in return.

While the DX12 implementation has been greatly improved in patch 3.17.4, the Vulkan renderer is no slouch either, it is no longer in beta, so it should be more stable now. Anyway, the developers made some improvements to the controller. Most notably, players can now manage their party and teleport to party members through the Escape menu. A "Party Invitation" section has also been added to the Escape menu in controller input mode.

Each update patch of Path of Exile brings peace of mind to those of us who are still playing the game. Because of this, we need to POE Items Buy to have a better performance in the game. POECurrency is my first choice. They have been established for many years and have extensive experience. I have never had an account issue at POECurrency. Their prices are also the lowest on the Internet. POECurrency is worth recommending to every player.