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[Resolved] OLED dark after bootup

The 1.5" color OLED is always dark after the initial splash screen goes away.

In another thread, you said:

"The oled has a software timer which turn off after 3 mins of lack of playback activity.
It should turn on automatically when playback starts."

I think I found the problem.

In the NanSound plugin, the setting for Model was DAC.

I then set it to DAC2 and saved.  As soon as the save notification finished, the OLED came on.

Works for me!

I'm writing this thread so it might help others.


I found a problem.

The OLED is dark after bootup after the DAC 2 has been powered off and back on.

This problem is reproducible on demand on version 1.7.0:

1) Power off the DAC 2
2) Power on the DAC 2
3) The boot screen appears on the OLED
4) When the splash screen goes disappears, the OLED goes dark and tones are heard in the headset.
5) The OLED stays dark during playback
6) In the web interface, go to the NanoSound plugin.  The page shows the OLED display is "1.5 inch OLED Color" and the Model is DAC2.  Do nothing other than click the save button.
7) The OLED display shows a boot screen and then the album information displays and the OLED behaves as expected.
8) Start over at step 1 to cause the OLED to not display during playback.


[bump] -- this is still a problem and I would appreciate a reply.