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NanoSound DAC Basic and official Pi 7" Touchscreen Display


I would like to use Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Official Display with NanoSound DAC Basic and Volumio.

Before to proced to order the parts I just want to check if  do you think that all works fine by HW and SW  side.

I would like yo use the official Volumio plugin for  NanoSound Dac and 7" Touchscreen Official Display in order to have simple configuration out of the box.


Thanks for the support


Hi Marco,

Yes, if you soldier the 5v, GND, SDA and SCL from  the 7" touchscreen onto the NanoSound DAC Basic.  It will work and should be all very straight forward.  Dont forget to drop us a photo here once you got it all set. We would love to see your setup!

Instructions are here:

For 7" Screen:

For NanoSound DAC: