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Display stopped working

The 1.5 inch display on my DAC2 Pro seems no longer to work. I'm using it with a Raspberry Pi 3B+, Rev 1.3; Volumio version 2.673 and Nanosound plugin version 1.8.3

Hi,  have you tried reinstalling the nanosound plugin , setting the right display setting under configuration ?


NanoSound DAC / DAC 2 software support for Volumio

I reinstalled the plugin as suggested, and the screen does now light up and display, for example, the first tune on a long playlist, but it doesn't change thereafter: no indication of progress through the first tune and no change of image when one comes to the second tune, which is by a different artist.

Does the display shows a stale and same song regardless of what the actual playing song is?



It did this for a while, then I restarted it and all was well. Then, just now, I restarted it after having left it off overnight and Volumio complained that it couldn't make contact with the DAC and the screen just displayed a Nanomesher splash screen and the IP address. So, in short, the problem seems intermittent.

Did you experience this from a fresh install? thanks

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