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[Solved] DAC 2 Pro 1.5 OLED not work after upgraded to new version.

hi, bpjduluthmn

Please try below

1. Install the latest version of nanosound plug in and set the correct configuration for the display and DAC model  as shown in here:

2. Once you have confirmed above please try removing the header extender to isolate issue with the connector


Hi James,

The DAC2 you sent back has been fixed.  The problem was a loose ribbon table next connects the display screen to the display PCB, likely it was accidentally loosen during your software upgrade.

I am closing this thread as this is not related to the new version upgrade and will send back the unit tomorrow.



Yes , i have got repaird DAC 2 and reintall again . Finally , it woks ver well on new vversion image.

Here is my environment and sucessfully play sound and display

  • raspberry pi 4 model b with 4G RAM
  • nanosoud DAC2
  • nanosound AMP 10
  • NanoSound DAC and CD Pre-installed Volumio image Version: 2020-04-10

Whats the latest version of Nanomesher plugin?? 1.8.4??



Yes,  thanks