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CD's don't play

Hi, I have a similar problem. I had the CD player working until recently. To cut a long story short I had reinstall a nanosound voulmio image to no effect. The CD will eject and appears to be mounted but I get an error message saying there is no CD loaded.  I have tried the auto config feature many times but get a red box and it doesn't resolve the issue. The drive is externally powered, and, as I said before, was working. I even bought a new linear supply (arriving today) to improve the sound quality.  I have exhausted all my avenues of action. Any ideas would be appreciated. I play through a Digione Signature board.

I'm getting:

mount: /dev/cdrom: can't read superblock

After doing a fresh install of Volumio and installing the Nanosound CD plugin via the repository, the installation appears to hang at 70%. After waiting for about an hour, I refreshed the page. The plugin seemed to have installed anyway.

When tapping the Nanosound CD icon, I can hear the CD spin up. However, when the green bar in the on top in the Volumio screen is completely full, I receive the message: "Cannot detect CD/DVD drive, or no CD in drive".

I've found another plug at

It works fine but doesn't have the functionality of the Nansound plugin but after a long weekend of troubleshooting I'm now playing CDs again and can rule out hardware issues etc.