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CD ripping issue on Volumio 2.668

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If is about Nanosound CD plugin for Volumio streamer. Until now CD ripping function was working fine but not anymore after update to 2.668 week. Help asked on Volumio site but no solution so help


Thanks for raising this .  We will check and get back asap.

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Thanks for the reply..awaiting solution pl


Hi, we have tried installing NanoSound CD on raspberry pi 3B+ with a fresh install of 2.668 and found no issue in both playback and ripping.

Have you tried uninstalling the plugin and reinstall?



Yeah i have already tried it and other options too but no success.


HI, we cannot reproduce the issue.  Can you please try a clean install of 2.692?  Could it be a hardware issue as well?  Have you checked if you have supplied enough power to the CD/DVD drive? thank you.

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