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[Resolved] AdaFruit Data not uploading

I got my NanoStem IOT Weather Kit and used the supplied SD card.  The display works and displays the expected information.  I created the AdaFruit IO data feeds and put my IO Key into the AirMonitor.config file.  The AdaFruit documentation seems to indicate that I will need to use both my AdaFruit user ID and the IO Key.  However, the config file only asks for the IO Key.  Should the value I put into the config file contain both the AdaFruit User Name and the AIO Key Value?

The other possible problem could be in the names I used for the AdaFruit feeds.  It looks fairly obvious in the web page instructions that they are all of the form xxx-loc1.  The last character is a numeral "1"  Is that correct?  When I look at the config file the default values for the feeds could all end with a lower case alphabetic "L".  Could this be the cause of my problem?


I looked at the piairmon.log file and it has errors in it. It looks like I'm not specifying something correctly.


2019-10-21 15:01:08,573 - __main__ - INFO - Nanomesher Pi Air Mon started

2019-10-21 15:01:09,751 - __main__ - ERROR - <urlopen error [Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution>

2019-10-21 15:08:44,298 - __main__ - ERROR - HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized

2019-10-21 15:09:43,455 - __main__ - ERROR - HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized

2019-10-21 15:10:42,588 - __main__ - ERROR - HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized




Nevermind.  I had checked the AIO key value several times.  I checked it one more time and found that I had not entered it correctly.


The data is now being sent to AdaFruit correctly.

Great. thanks for confirming!