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Access to music files lost / Nanosound CD on Volumio 2.882 & Raspberry & HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro

The plugin works fine.

But now access to the NAS, USB is lost.

Maybe because calls to /usr/bin/mpc are rejected. *)

The situation was like this before.

But then had installed nanosound before collecting My Music data.

I was not able to create a new mpd database.

Then I reset volumio to factory settings.
Created the music database and tested some music.
Installed the plugin again
And hop! Again no music to play.

*) Added information:

On a volumio without the plugin the command “/usr/bin/mpc” displays some information about the current music.

On volumio with the plugin “/usr/bin/mpc” returns

error: Connection closed by the server.

At another moment when I wanted to play a song from file, I saw an error about alsa, maybe not accessable for mpd because of another process using alsa.

But I can’t repeat that error.

Which may seem logical because there are no songs any more to be played.


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