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OLED 1.5 display


I really like NanoSound device, specially the use of larger OLED 1,5" display and tactile buttons for control.

What I'm trying to do is to use OLED 1,5" display with HiFiBerry Digi+ card. This is I2S spdif output board that plugs onto Raspberry.


Of course it doesn't work together 🙂


In my current setup nanoSound plugin is installed and 1.5 OLED is selected. However DiGi+ card is selected as ouput, not Nonosound DAC 2. The system works fine, there is spdif output which I feed into external DAC, but my OLED 1,5" screen shows startup screen all the time ("Nanosound x Volumio, NanoSound v1.7.o IP adress" is diplayed).


Is it possible, and what should I change in supplied source code to use OLED screen with HiFIberry I2S output device?

Hope you will help me alter the python code and make OLED work. Some information on screen can be sacrified if needed...

Here is where the code halts:



    albumartimage ="logo/splash.png") \
                .transform(device.size, Image.AFFINE, (1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0), Image.BILINEAR) \

    bgd ="RGBA", device.size, "black")
    bgd.paste(albumartimage, (5, 1))
    mydither = True
    with canvas(device, background=bgd, dither=mydither) as draw:

        if lanip != '':
            ip = lanip
        elif wlanip != '':
            ip = wlanip
            ip = "volumio.local"

        draw.text((3, 65), 'NanoSound v1.8.0', font=self.fonts['small'], fill='white')
        draw.text((3, 80), ip, font=self.fonts['small'], fill='white')
        draw.text((3, 95), "Nano..nesto", font=self.fonts['small'], fill='white')

Any idea how to get to "normal paying music" screen?

The screen display code has nothing special about which audio device to use, it even works without a DAC.  It is simply fetching status from volumio and display it on OLED.

Suggest to check if any line caused an exception and quitted.