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Includes CD Player?

I am confused.

The current pictures for the NanoSound CD show a Sony CD player.  But the player is not specifically mentioned in the description (as it was in a recent KickStarter campaign).  The picture also shows a NanoSound DAC and that's obviously not included for the price.

I am a pledger for the NanoSound Player 2 Pro (Early) award and its description clearly says the CD player is not included.

If the CD player is available separately, I do not see it available anywhere in the store -- not even as an out-of-stock item.

Despite my confusion, here is what I want and how you can help me:

I want the best CD player that will give me the most pleasing results.  If you want to recommend a manufacturer and model, then I will get it and have it ready for when my DAC 2 arrives.  If you're able to sell it to me, I'll support you on that and buy it from you (at a reasonable price, of course).

My recommendations:

1) In the pictures for the NanoSound CD, clearly state on the picture that the CD player and the DAC are sold separately.

2) In the picture that has the headphone with the NanoSound CD player, state on that picture that the headphone is not included (or sold separately if you sell it in your store).

3) If you do want to sell the CD player separately, then put it someplace in your store where I could find it.  Maybe add a link from the NanoSound CD Player sales page directly to the CD player sales page (and vice-versa).

4) If you don't want to sell it, then recommend CD Player(s) that you will support in the long-term for upgrades, questions and problem reports.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for the fast reply on the NanSound CD Player Q&A.


Thanks very much for your email and pointing us the confusion. 

To clear the confusion,  We have added a description in our store saying that the headphones and cd/dvd drive are not included.
We do have a plan to sell the drives,  while all USB CD/DVD drives we tested works fine,  not all can be only powered via the raspberry pi.  We also found the Sony one varies batch by batch and supplier source is not always stable. That's why we do not sell it for now. We are testing a batch of different brands and models now,  and will publish the results as well as choosing the best one,  and offer them as addon items when we deliver the DAC2 project in a month's time.
Like you said,  we want to give the best experience possible,  having a quiet drive and doesn't require external power.

Excellent reply, thank you.

As I read your reply, I realized that using an external power source is not as important to me as having a quiet unit that is able to reliably (and accurately) read the CD.  So, yes, having an external power source is fine with me if it gives me better results.

I also find it interesting that the quality of the units varies so significantly between production runs or suppliers of the same units.

As an aside -- I find it interesting that CDs still have to be spun in 2019.  I would have thought that there would be the technology to scan the CD (just like a copier or fax machine scans a page) and then 'play' it using the scanned electronic image.

I am looking forward to your results.  Please post them in this thread so that I and the lurkers can know your results.


Hi CurtisK,

So far we found the best drive below,  quiet and stable.  It is currently available from our store.