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[Resolved] Can't burn



I installed the NanoSound CD on Volumio and upgraded to the paid version.

It plays CDs fine with the Verbatim Slimline CD/DVD I have plugged into the Pi . . . however, when I try to burn the CD, I can the platter spinning for a minute or so then it quits. And there's no evidence of anything being burned to the Media Server hard drive connected via network (from which music plays just fine over Volumio... I'm pretty sure I've given it read/write permissions. )

I'm using Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with  HiFiBerry Dac+ Pro Hat.

Setting are as per attached screen shot.

This is what I was willing to pay for the upgrade for- have a ton of CD's I want to get on this media player. Thanks in advance for any help.


Chris McNeil

Charleston, SC


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Can *hear the platter spinning. Sorry for the typo!

If it's a potential read/write permissions issue- how to test?




Hi CM,

Thanks for your email.
Does ripping to INTERNAL works?
If so , can you give us some screen shots of how you mounted your NAS and the settings in NanoSound CD?


The issue is resolved now, thanks. I think it may have been specific to that CD.

Great news and thanks for confirming.