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Pressure being sent to Adafruit including hPa (how to remove?) also an issue with CO2 and VOC


I do not have the time to learn python right now so I opted for the preconfigured kit. It works but one minor glitch. I noticed that the Pressure diagram is not generated at AdafruitIO and I think the reason is that th values are being sent including the hPa et the end. All other values are just number and those work fine. How could I remove the hPa from the feed that is pushed to Adafruit?

Another issue is that CO2 and VOC is increasing after some minutes, goes up really high and stays there forever ( like 2k Co2 and 200 VOC). The first day it was OK with 400-500 CO2 and some single digit VOC but since day 2 its like this. Any fix for this?

Thanks for spotting this!  Fix is on way and will be available in next couple of days.


Regarding the co2, is it still behaving same way?

It takes around 10mins to warm up.

Thanks! What type of fix will this be? Changed scripts for the Pi or something on Adafruits side?

CO2 is still strange (might be me who is not used to that). It is placed in the living room, meters from anything else and none of us is going so near it to  directly cause a spike, yet I have spikes (VOC and CO2 goes hand in hand also with the same curve). This is a flat with good air circulation (central air exhaust  and fresh air inlets in every room). The diagram looks like this:


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The fix is done in here:  , only WeatherExample/ has been changed.

When you exhale into the co2 sensor (the one with 8pins) do you see an uptick of the value?

We do see a regular cycles of co2 levels depending on day in time as well.