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IOadafruit don't display pres-loc1 graph


when I connect the sensor to ADAFRIUT IoT Cloud the pres-loc1 graph is not drawn.

When I look into json record and make a diff against records of other working feeds, there must some´thing be wrong in the code:

"details": {
    "last_value_at": "2018-11-22T20:38:53Z",
    "last_numeric_value_at": null,
    "data": {
      "first": {

The "last_numeric_value_at" should not be null. it should be also "2018-11-22T20:38:53:z".

Where can I correkt it?

Best regards




We just rechecked and cant find anything wrong with the code.

Do you see the pressure displayed on the screen with hpa ?

Is it possible there is a typo with the adafruit io feeds setup?

Attached setup for your reference.


Uploaded files:
  • 2018-12-01_11-15-29.png

Thank you for checking.

My feeds are also good:

I will contact ADAFRIUT forum about this issue.




Best regards




Hi Arne,

We spotted a bug on our side as we are not sending as numerical values.

Fix is on way in tbe next couple of days via github.



The fix is done in here:  , only WeatherExample/ has been changed.


thank you.