Based on the success of our previous project - Wireless HMI , we felt that there is a need to promote not just the product but how to build projects using our product.  Therefore, we have built this toolkit and had just launched the campaign on Kickstarter again, which made this our 3rd project on Kickstarter platform.

The toolkit includes the necessary hardware, code and guide to build these projects.  A color printed guide book, published by Nanomesher,  is included. 


For each of the projects, you can choose to build in 2 ways.  The code are exactly the same in either way.

  • The traditional way - using the Wemos D1 dev board / breadboard and jumper wires
  • The easy way - just plug the components onto the Nanomesher HMI development board   

We have specifically designed the Nanomesher HMI development board to fit our selected sensors and displays.  The aim is for you to spend the least amount of time fiddling with wires and soldering and to maximize the learning and building of the software's functionality.

Integration with Services

Building the hardware is just one aspect of this toolkit.  The guide also demonstrates and teaches how to communicate and integrate with the devices.  Examples and codes are included to:

The full toolkit Include the components below.

Development Board:

  • Wemos D1 R2 Development Board
  • Nanomesher HMI Development Board (onboard Wemos D1 mini)


  • Piezo Buzzer
  • Assorted LEDs


  • High Contrast OLED 0.96 inch Display


  • Infrared Receiver
  • Ultrasonic Distance 
  • PM2.5 Dust Particles 
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Atmospheric Pressure


  • Project Guide Book

 The professionally edited project guide book demonstrates

  • Circuits  (using bread board and using Nanomesher HMI development board)
  • Code (downloadable on github)
  • Theory behind 

A sample chapter can be found here in the presentation.

The standard Kit include all below projects, Here are only a few examples to get you started:

Distance Sensor

- Pushing mobile notification via IFTTT if obstacle is detected


Weather Station 

- Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Attitude and Dust Density Display

- Pushing data to Microsoft Azure IOT and for real time display



App Controlled Buzzer and LED light

- Use an App (Android or iOS) to send commands to the development board.

- The App is built by Xamarin. Source code is open sourced and available for download


Please refer to below table for detail of what are included in each package.  The upgrade Kit are designed for those who have backed our previous project - Wireless Human Machine Interface

For anyone who is interested to purchase this set, please visit our Kickstarter campaign for the moment. The complete set of product will also be put onto our Online Store once the campaign is finished and production ready.


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